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Our community's health & safety is our top priority. All our staff have been undergoing bi-weekly testing since Feb or have met EDB requirement's of being fully vaccinated. 

IMPORTANT:  If your child is a close contact with anyone undergoing mandatory test by HK govt, he/she  MUST NOT  attend class  until result confirms negative, and please follow our policy in our health and declaration form and stay home as needed.

The  Latest  Health and Travel Declaration Form - click  here to complete in advance.   MUST be completed  BEFORE  first class. 

Contingency Plan & Policy. Pls ALWAYS refer to the latest update posted on   www.miniminds.com.hk

miniMinds, June 2021


miniMinds was founded in 2006, offering language enrichment programmes that focus on literacy development in English such as phonics, speaking, reading, creative writing, formal writing and critical thinking.

Our courses focus on small class teaching and are designed for students from pre-nursery to lower secondary levels. We commit to excellence in what we do, and we strive to instill confidence, increase motivation and inspire learning in every child. Everything we do is built around one simple idea: children learn best when they love to learn.

We hope your child will gain a rich and engaging learning experience with us as we discover the joy of learning together!

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Our Team of Teachers
All our teachers are native English speakers who love working with children and are passionate about teaching. All our teachers undergo thorough and rigorous training to ensure teaching quality and effective delivery of our curriculum.
Strong Student Base and Proven Record
Our courses are well-received by students from both top local and international schools. We believe this is a testament to the quality we offer.
Please call us at 2808-1282 to enquire about our courses! We hope one of them will meet your children's needs.