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  Why miniMinds?
Our Team of Teachers
All our teachers are native English speakers who love working with children and are passionate about teaching. All our teachers undergo thorough and rigorous training to ensure teaching quality and effective delivery of our curriculum.
Strong Student Base and Proven Record
Our courses are well-received by students from both top local and international schools. We believe this is a testament to the quality we offer.
Structured Curriculum and Effective Student Progress Management

Our curriculum is structured with specific learning objectives to best monitor students’ progress. We also provide regular feedback and conduct evaluations to ensure learning goals are met and to maximize students’ potential.

Small Class Size
Our classes are conducted in small groups to ensure effective learning while balancing the fun and benefit of interactive group-based learning.
Free Assessments
We offer free assessments for students to place them in the appropriate level and with children of similar standards and learning behaviour.
Certified by the Government
We are licensed by the Education Bureau and comply with all the relevant safety and health regulations to ensure a safe environment for your children.
Fun, Innovative and Effective Approach
We keep kids engaged and excited about learning because we believe teaching is more than a job. We strive to instill confidence, increase motivation and inspire learning in every child. Everything we do is built around one simple idea: children learn best when they love to learn.
Prime Location
miniMinds is conveniently located in the heart of Causeway Bay, within walking distance from the MTR station.