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Our Courses
  Free Bible Class
(Age 4-6)

This free Bible class offers a fun-filled experience for kids to learn more about Jesus and His love for us. We have worship songs, Bible stories, prayers, arts and crafts, and more! It’s an awesome way to know more about our Lord Jesus who loves and cares for each one of us!

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” ~ Luke 18:16

  Private Interview Prep
(PN to P2)

Our one-on-one interview prep sessions are carefully designed to cover a variety of activities to encourage your child to confidently express their ideas whilst showcasing their unique personality.

Each session is conducted by a different teacher to help your child become more comfortable with unfamiliar faces and varied communications styles.

  Min 3 Years Old
Phonics (PN to K3)  
Through engaging activities, miniPHONICS aims to develop your child’s ability to recognize the name and sound of letters, to blend and to sight-read, so that your child can become a confident and independent reader. The course also pave the way to success in spelling and writing for their next stage of development.  
  Min 3 Years Old
Speaking and English immersion
(PN to K3)
A complementary course to miniPHONICS and miniSTARTERS, this English immersion course has multiple levels designed to help different age groups of kindergarteners enhance their English speaking skills in a native-speaking environment. The course focuses on vocabulary building, fluency, confidence in speaking, social interactions with peers, and classroom behaviour and more.  
Starters 1 (K1 to K3), Starters 2 (K1 to K3), Starters 3 (K3 to P1)
Reading and Writing
The course is designed to develop your child’s reading, spelling and writing skills by building a solid English foundation for your child. Appropriate learning goals are set to maximize your child’s potential, paving the way to success in reading and writing for their next stage of development.  
Foundation in Grammar
(P1 to P5)
The grammar workshop is designed to help students to better grasp grammar concepts and to apply what they learn into practice. Through this course, students will be encouraged to expand their knowledge and understanding of grammar concepts through various activities, written exercises and story ideas.   
Foundation in Writing
(P1 to P2)
Using an integrated reading and writing approach, miniSteppers is the extension course for STARTERS students, designed to build a strong foundation in writing by developing their ability to generate, develop, and articulate ideas through engaging discussions and writing activities.  
Foundation in Writing
(P1 to P3)
Using an integrated reading and writing approach, miniLEARNERS aims to enhance your child’s writing capability by improving idea development and elaboratation, expanding vocabulary, and strengthening accuracy through engaging discussions and writing activities. We cover a variety of writing styles such as story writing, letters, articles, instructional, persuasive writing…etc.  
2 levels – Writers 1 to Writers 2
(P3 to P5)
Creative and Formal Writing

Our miniWriters courses are designed to allow your child’s writing ability and creativity to flourish with our structured approach which covers key stages of writing effectively – brainstorming, planning, drafting, analysis, proofreading and final review. Your child will be exposed to a variety of writing topics and styles through stimulating discussions and practices, through which your child will master writing techniques to become a confident and competent writer. The curriculum also includes comprehension exercises aim to further build students' ability to understand and construct meaning from written text.

2 advanced levels – Writers 3 & 4
(P5 to F1)

Creative and Formal Writing

Besides covering creative and formal writing, the advanced writers levels (Writers 3 & 4) also aim to develop students’ critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills. The objective is to help students analyse and evaluate critically the relevance of ideas and the reasoning of statements based on current, local and global real-life issues. This course also incorporates comprehension exercises with the aim to build up students' inferential skills and logical reasoning by constructing meaning from written text.


Character Building and Critical Thinking
(P5 to F1) 


A discussion-based course designed to teach and inspire character building, critical thinking and reasoning skills through inspirational and relatable topics. Students will reflect on what they notice around them, what they have been told and experienced, and how they choose to respond. Students will be encouraged to set achievable goals to apply the learnings in their own lives. 

Sample topic:

Sue Austin is a handicapped lady who desires to change people's perception of the limitations faced by wheelchair users. Through her determination, she unveils the freedom and joy of scuba diving in a wheelchair. By delving into this true story, students will be encouraged to experience the power of positive thinking, to pursue what may seem impossible, and learn to not give up easily.